Art Dolls

I love making art dolls from fantasy creatures, creepy, to the cute and adorable like Santa. 


Erbie's my new gardener – he loves plants, eats petals and just generally enjoys hanging around the shrubs everyday. He has big flat fingers that help him grab on to branches easily, big feet and toes for hanging on to branches a little like what monkeys do, and he also has gliders to help him get from one place to another.

Erbie is usually in a happy mood, unless Frost comes in and freezes the plants or some inconsiderate fellow stomps on his garden home. But other than that, he's as jolly as Santa's elves.

Erbie was inspired from a painting I made a few years ago, a simple black and white line drawing of a sprite flying without wings around a water deity. But as I worked on him on clay, more things came out like he developed a protruding nose, awesome hair and Tarsier like fingers for grabbing branches.

Crabby Granny

Crabby Granny is a witch of old. She has a belt made of jute to hang just about anything she finds while she's scouring the woods! It helps keep her hands free when she's out collecting. One of her staples is a small jar filled with dried herbs. It's her magic potion, a cure-all she's never without. And by golly, it does cure all! 

Her shoes are really old and worn. It can get caked with mud specially when she goes out during a terrifying storm. She says there are special mushrooms that grow only during lightning flashes and pounds of thunder, and melt with the first ray of the sun. So she has no choice but to collect them while the storm is raging. It'ss a potent ingredient she swears by.

Like the name she is known for, she is crabby and will look and sound like she wants to bite your head off, but don't worry, it's all bark. She is good and kind and will heal any ailments. She records all of her cures in her book of herbs.

Full story here. I also talk about making her book of herbs here.
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In my previous job as a magazine writer, I often needed to source free stock images and sxc was a great destination. Through the years, the site was converted to Free Images. As a way of giving back and thanking the generosity of photographers worldwide, I started contributing photos too (I have more photo contributions but for some reason they are not appearing under my profile).

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