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Do you make all of your products by hand?

Absolutely! I draw my illustrations and portraits using a digital pen but be assured they are hand drawn. The digital pen is simply a replacement for pencil, it works the same except you see the lines drawn on the monitor instead of paper.

How do you deliver your products?
Caricatures and custom portraits are delivered by email or a download link. The artwork will be 300dpi at the size you specify (A4 or A3) at the time of purchase.

How long does it take to finish custom order products?
This totally depends on my current workload. That said, the standard turnaround for custom portraits is three business days. I will email you a low resolution artwork after three business days to get your feedback. After you send me your feedback – and we can make changes at this point – I will work on it again. I will send you the final artwork within two business days. If you’re in a rush, please let me know before you order so I can confirm for you if I can make your deadline.

Where can I have my artwork printed?
In the USA, you have lots of options like Costco, Shutterfly, Walgreens, Walmart, Target and other photo processing centers. In the UAE, clients can go to Kodak, AB Copy or other digital printers in their areas. I do not endorse any of these shops personally, but these are some of the common options available.

How many pictures do I need to send for a custom portrait or caricature?
I suggest a minimum of three to four photos but you can send as many photos as you want. Please make sure they are clear. I do need to see the tops of their hair/head and chin so please don’t send photos that are cropped too close to the face.

You can send group photos or ID pictures. If group photo, just be sure to let me know which one is the person to be drawn (like, third from the right or the one in the red shirt). I usually base my illustration on one photo and use the rest for references. It’s sometimes hard to see eye color in the photos so just let me know what their eye color is.

Aside from pictures, what else do I need to send for a custom portrait /caricature order?
I need a description of what you want in the artwork: what you want the person(s) to be doing (flying a plane, riding a giant turtle, dancing, etc.) and what they’re wearing (superhero costume, chef’s outfit, F1 racing outfit, etc.).

If you’re ordering with background, please also let me know the setting you want for the artwork (top of the mountain, Dubai with Burj Khalifa, office setting, etc). If there are specific items you want added, please let me know in the description too. You can send photo references or links to these items so I know I’m drawing the right thing.

What payments do you accept?

My shop here accepts Paypal (and through that major credit cards too). I also have an online shop with Etsy – www.etsy.com/shop/OrangeJarArt. Payment methods here include Paypal and credit cards.

What if I have other questions not listed here?
No problem, just send me an email at orangejar (@) orangejar.com



Are your sculptures mass produced?

No. My sculptures are unique and one of a kind (OOAK). That said, I also make my own molds but if I used any molds to produce any of my final works, I will include that in the description.

How do you deliver your products?
Sculptures and other bigger items are mailed through USPS Priority Mail. Smaller items will be delivered by USPS First Class or Priority mail. Please check the product description for specifics. If you order multiple products I can combine shipping to bring the cost down. If you are ordering from outside the USA and your shipping info is not reflected here, please send me a message.

How long does it take to finish custom order products?
For sculptures, the standard range is two business weeks before it ships out to you. If you’re not in a rush, it would help if you include your your target date when you send in your order. This way, I can more easily figure it in my workload and deliver it to you in time – specially if you’re in a rush. I would gladly work with you to meet your requirements.

When do you ship out ready-made items?
Ready-made items go out in the mail within two business days.


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“Thank you very much for your excellent work. It was given to the retiree and almost everybody was amazed on your work. I am proud that a Filipina made the caricature. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”

– Serg from KSA


“I would like to thank you for the b&w prints! They have made my boss’s office look great. I would definitely recommend your work to my friends. So sorry for the short notice but thanks again for the great options you provided based on my brief.”

– Daleen from Ajman, UAE



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OrangeJar sculptures are made with polymer clay. Each piece is an original artwork, hand-made with no molds used. You can shop ready made designs in the UAE line, Elf line and curio line or you can also contact us for customized designs – pet sculptures, wedding toppers and more.

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My Old Man

Filipino Santa

Erbie: Garden Sprite


White Petal

Order of the Rose: Black Petal - Cover Illustration & Design

Black Petal

Order of the Rose: Black Petal - Cover Illustration and Layout Design

Forsaken Petal

Order of the Rose: Forsaken Petal - Cover Illustration & Layout Design




Old woman

WWF postcard

By the Full Moon




Maria Mananangal

Wedding Oil Painting

Kofiholics Anonymous Cafe & Restaurant Logo Painting

Book Cover Illustration

SEARICE Training Manual Cover Illustration

Galveston Enterprises Logo & Brochure

Using Psychology to Create an In-Depth Character

ebook Cover

Western Union Philippine Independence Day, Dubai Illustration & Design

PreschoolChoices Website Banner

PreschoolChoices.com Website Banner

Brigada Berde Newsletter Illustrations

UPAA-UAE – Coin Bank Wrap Illustration & Design

Western Union Brochure illustrations

Illustration for Pamphlet

Model Illustration for Community Pamphlet

Gradeschool textbook illustrations

Logo – Mabuhay Enterprise (Canada)

e.u.n.a. Boutique Logo


Caricature and Web Design

Web Design – Mrs Bauan Cake House

Caricatures / Portraits

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It’s all up to your imagination. We can tailor the caricature’s setting to whatever you want. Just email us the description and we’ll work on it. OrangeJar caricatures are hand drawn and colored digitally. The final output is in full color photo quality print with ecopy option.

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