I feel like I won an award every time a client emails me their feedback on a clay work or caricature order. More so, when they also share how much their recipients loved the caricature gift.

Nermeen, contacted me from the UAE. They wished to give their boss, who is moving to the USA, a memorable going away token that will remind her of their group, their department and all their hard work and successes. She also requested for the background to reflect the journey of their boss through the landmarks in the background: from Egypt, to the UAE to the USA. After I sent her her the finished artwork, she had it printed on canvas which turned out great. 

To Nermeen, thanks for sending the photos and leaving such a lovely review in my OrangeJar Etsy shop!

5 stars from Nermeen:
"Ria is a super Artist with very accurate, fast execution and time management. While others provided longer periods with very exaggerated prices, Ria is providing a very professional service with impeccable timing as well as super attention to details with very cost effective prices. The portrait was for my boss's Farewell and enough to say that my boss said: "This is the most amazing gift that I have received in my life"!! I would recommend Ria to my friends and co-workers"

Currently working on another project, designing a slide presentation for corporate use. Not as colorful as portrait/caricature work but just as intensive.

Finished two watercolor caricatures recently for two different clients. Remembered to take photos before wrapping up for delivery. The first one is A3, ordered with frame and the second is A4, without frame.

Blurred one section there were specific details about the client showed.
Quick post on a projects I finished recently. Had a string of framed orders this month, so all of these were delivered framed:
My friend Malen also came by over the weekend to buy more accessories - she took this red heart pendant and orange brooch home with her.
Argh. Can't believe it, March is nearly over!
Happy New Year!

Just before Christmas I received a rush order for a caricature, and the client opted for a fully hand drawn caricature. So here's my style with a hand drawn and hand colored one:

And here are some watercolor portraits I made which went out as Holiday Gifts:

Argh. Gotta get back to work, but going to New Year lunches seem more enticing! Cheers! Hope you all have a great one!

Got this photo in the email yesterday, a photo of OrangeJar caricature being given to the recipient, Ate Maria. Feedback was, she loved it and was very happy to receive a caricature as a going away present.

Ate Maria

Good luck in your new life abroad Ate Maria!

It's so heartwarming to hear feedback- big thanks to Bernie, for letting me know and sending the photo.

Was at ARTE Souq Time Square yesterday - tons of fun talking to people interested in my clay line and learning from the other vendors. A huge thank you to my friends Ena and Lucy for keeping me company, and to all friends who dropped by. 🙂 Thank you!
If you want to see my work, please drop by ARTE Ikea on Nov 2 or ARTE Time Square on Nov 9
It was only my second time with ARTE – the first one was last year around Ramadan. Back then, my neighbor vendor was another Filipina who sold jewelery. She started it as a hobby after she quit her job and got married. One of her husband's friends recommended her to ARTE and she had been with them ever since. After a few months (or was it a year?) she opened a small stall in Ibn Battuta mall. Quite a feat and inspiration.
So, here's to hoping that I go the same way with my new clay line. I have zombies, angels, and UAE-inspired clay work. The good news is, I also got custom order for a Star Wars set and two custom order to make likeness of people but in the same style of my current clay collectibles. There was also a client who wanted to discuss character development. So it's all good.
These little darlings are now available at Etsy. My shop name is www.etsy.com/shop/OrangeJarArt
I've also added the clay collectible products to my newly opened Etsy shop, so please stop by to visit. My Etsy address is www.etsy/shop/orangejarart. It's OrangeJarArt. Unfortunately, there was already another vendor with the shop name "Orangejar" so I couldn't get it and I did not want to change my shop name because this has been my shop name for years! Anyway, just please remember to add "ART" at the end of "OrangeJar" to find my Etsy shop. Thanks and see you there!
This was a busy time last year. One of my projects included a partnership with DealGobbler.com where we offered 50% off on caricatures.There were 15 clients who bought vouchers - I know it's not much but that was still more than a dozen! And it was my first time to enter such a partnership. Most of the clients redeemed their voucher towards December making that month even more hectic.

Screenshot after the deal was done

Which leads me to another client...

Wedding tokens

Caricatures can be used for so many things. The design can be used for invitations, greeting cards, stationeries, mugs, and so much more. So around this time too last year, I was approached by a lovely couple who were about to be married. It was to be a small wedding - yes, they know each and every one who will be there, and they wanted a caricature for each of them. The artworks served as name cards which they could take home as wedding tokens.

After our meeting, we settled on the price, the style and the type of paper they want. I drew 90+ pen and ink caricatures on A6 quality drawing paper for them. My clients would send photos with complete descriptions of what they wanted in each artwork - which of course, made researching details and drawing each piece easier.

Pen and Ink is my first love so I really enjoyed going back to this medium. And I'm happy to report, even if it's a year later, that my clients said they were extremely satisfied with my work, in fact, I was the only supplier for their wedding that they were happy with (that's what they said! and I'm happy they're happy! Hmm that doesn't say much for Dubai wedding suppliers though - but they did not elaborate so I have no idea how their deals with the others went).

Seeing those caricatures as I was cleaning up my external harddrives made me long to make more pen and ink artworks which I loved to create when I was younger. Hopefully this would push me soon to start doodling and sketching and creating more artworks in this medium.

It's always great to hear feedback from happy clients. This just came in email today - clients are from Abu Dhabi - and with pictures too!

Another Happy Client.  
We are all glad we met you.
Best Regards,

Thank you Bernie for the repeat order. Always a pleasure working with you.

I was watching an Awesome Horse Studios video a while back and one of them (it's a group of four established artists, excellent in their fields who decided to share their expertise to the world for free - quite cool!) was saying that you should experiment  with your style and just let it flow. So just to practice while watching, I opened another browser and decided to draw from one of their profile pictures (the photo I based this on doesn't seem to be on their site anymore hehe).

The one on the left is my default style and the one on the right is the redraw with me making it flow freer. Gotta do more of these exercises. Quite fun!

Another commission done and dusted.

Thank you Romela for sending these pictures!

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