From December to January, I've been working on the cover for the first in  fantasy adventure trilogy "Order of the Rose: Forgotten Petal".  I'm happy to announce, the novel is now published and ready for sale on Amazon.  Please do check it out.

Amazon Book Description:

In a world where only women have been able to wield magic for centuries Tom Alerio, a young boy, soon realizes that his unique ability of wielding magic will change his life forever.

Tom’s mother is forced to send him away in order to protect him from the sisterhood she belongs to. The sisterhood fear magic returning to the hands of men and seek out and kill any that do.  

However, Tom learns that magic must be shared by men and women alike and in order to do this he must restore The Order of The Rose, an ancient order that controlled magic before it became corrupted. If he is unable to do this the new technologies and opposing forces will rip the world apart destroying all he has come to love and care for. 

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