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Meet Erbie, my new gardener – he loves plants, eats petals and just generally enjoys hanging around the shrubs everyday. He has those big flat fingers that helps him grab on to branches easily, big feet and toes for hanging on too, and he also has gliders to help him get from one tree to another.

Erbie is a happy fellow, unless Jack Frost comes in and freezes the plants or some inconsiderate stranger stomps on his garden home. But other than that, he's as jolly as Santa's elves. 

I started Erbie before the holiday but was not able to finish it just till this weekend. He was inspired from a painting I made a few years ago, a simple black and white line drawing of a sprite flying without wings around a water deity. But as I worked on him on clay, more things came out like he developed a protruding nose, awesome hair and Tarsier like fingers for grabbing branches.
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