2021 PDMAG Gold Awards

SampaguitaGirl by OrangeJarArt
The last year has been hard with major life changes for us. It kept me from making any art dolls but when April loomed ahead, I knew I had to sit down and make something just to take another step in this doll-making journey. 

It was the 2021 PDMAG Gold Awards deadline. I had a lot of ideas but nothing was really catching... inspiration was a  bit hard to catch with most of my supplies in storage, I did not have a work space properly set up, there was other work to be done... 

Then this little girl came to me. She is a flower vendor, she goes in front of the church early in the morning and late in the afternoon to sell sampaguita leis, or tiny jasmin flowers strung with a string to create layers of leis for churchgoers. I was able to finish her on time and she came home with the 4th place in the Intermediate category. I moved up a category, having won First place in last year's Novice category. 
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