OrangeJar Creepylicious Bottles!

OrangeJar Creepylicious
I'd love to go crazy with jute sacks and black lace, ghoulish props and witches' brews if I have the space. For now, I'm limited to Pinterest instead. If you're looking for Halloween inspiration, check out my board (fair warning: I curated scary decor there, not adorable!)  

This year, I brought one of my imaginings that has been haunting me for some time to life – creepylicious bottles with eyes! 

They are ghoulish bottles that will look back at you; black, aged, tortured – vessels to keep the spirits of the night. These, I am very proud to say, would look uber creepy at home, in your apothecary cupboard or witches' kitchen. Perfect to add to your Halloween decor and available all year round in my Etsy shop

Booooo.... oooooo... ooooo to you all.....
OrangeJar CreepyliciousOrangeJar Creepylicious
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