Making a terrarium with a 
crashed x-wing

This was originally going to be a diorama – a birthday gift I've been planning for the hubs. However, I have been nursing a growing interest in moss terrariums and have been watching a lot of Serpa Design's videos (found him by googling growing moss in terrariums), following his recommendations on moss collecting and terrarium making. 

So that, combined with the idea to make a diorama, prompted me to make this Crashed X-wing Terrarium. I did not "edit" the X-wing (like age or damage it because of the "crash" keeping in mind that this little project might still evolve into something else.

This is the most elaborate terrarium I've made so far (and only the third!), with different kinds of moss and colored sand. So far, Hubs and I both like how it turned out. And I have to say, I love how moss looks, how it adds whimsy to any setting... no surprise there, it is of course home to fairies, sprites and all manner of magical creatures.

Here's what I used according to what I placed first:
- Gravel
- Activated Carbon
- Net
- Orchid Mix
- Soil

Decorative elements:
- Rock
- Moss
- Sand
- Gravel
- X-wing model
- Water

I have made a couple of terrariums before, very simple, using only one type of moss and a polymer clay element at the center. So I have a miniature Doctor Who TARDIS in a bowl and a hobbit house. 

If you're interested in starting your own moss terrariums, I suggest you check Serpa Design's Youtube channel. He has it covered from collecting moss, different types of moss, how to propagate your own moss  and designing a ton of terrariums! 

Thanks for checking in and enjoy! 
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