Twinning - Twins Part I

The making of the twins
My father passed away three months ago... It has been a very hard time. It took a while before I could bring myself back to sculpting. It's still hard, only last night I was dreaming he was in the hospital, diagnosed with something else and he was going to die in a matter of minutes! 

He wanted to talk to a priest that he does not know personally; he's already spoken to his friend who's also a priest. I called my friend who knew a priest but his contact cannot be reached. I tried the priest at the hospital but he could not be disturbed because he was holding a service... and I think I woke up sometime after that, while running around looking for a priest before my father dies.

I dream weird, with a long convoluted stories intertwining.

When I finally found the will to open my boxed up clay, I was still stumped. I could not find any inspiration. I did not know what I wanted to do. No spark. At all. 

I have not been going to Fb much at that time, so I thought I'd check in on family and friends, or at least see what their up to. One of my cousins regularly posts pictures of her fraternal twin boy and girl: cute costumes, funny antics, first... They were adorable! And their photos slowly sparked the start of a creative interest and I decided to make a twin art doll! Slightly ambitious for me, especially during that time but that challenge got me off the slump.

Twins in Filipino = kambal
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