December 6, 2009
IF: Crunchy

Illustration Friday It was a crunchy sound he did not welcome at all.

November 9, 2009
IF Blur

I've only done Illustration Friday once before but I really find the idea very fun. Here's how it works: once you sign up, they will email you the topic of the week and you have to draw your own interpretation. After my initial effort (done on a different blog), I sort of got waylaid by […]

September 28, 2009
Help needed for Typhoon Ondoy Victims

A little but much important break from art-related stuff:The Philippines has been rocked by a natural calamity - Typhoon Ondoy, international name Ketsana. Many places are flooded, houses destroyed and still, many people are in need of rescue. Relief and rescue operations have been launched since the day the typhoon started wreaking havoc but more […]

August 8, 2009
Crafts 101: Recycled Boxes

This beautiful Friday evening we set out on a quest - to create our very own beautifully recycled boxes. (With the economic crunch, we'd rather not spend on those beautiful yet pricey boxes we can buy at the stores. Plus, we'll be helping save the environment too!) My little helpers - Tin, Tel, Ice and […]

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Stock Photos

In my previous job as a magazine writer, I often needed to source free stock images and sxc was a great destination. Through the years, the site was converted to Free Images. As a way of giving back and thanking the generosity of photographers worldwide, I started contributing photos too (I have more photo contributions but for some reason they are not appearing under my profile).

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