Making a terrarium with a crashed X-wing

Posted on February 4, 2020

This was originally going to be a diorama – a birthday gift I've been planning. But I've been nursing a growing interest in moss terrariums and have been watching a lot of Serpa Design's videos .

I have been following his recommendations on moss collecting and terrarium making. So that, combined with the idea to make a diorama for the hubs, prompted me to make this Crashed X-wing Terrarium. I did not do anything to the X-wing (like age or damage it because of the "crash" keeping in mind that this little project might still evolve into something else.

This is the most elaborate terrarium I've made so far (and the third!), with different kinds of moss and colored sand. So far, Hubs and I both like how it turned out. And I just have to say, I love how moss looks, how it adds whimsy to any setting... it's of course home to fairies, sprites and all manner of magical creatures.

Here's what I used according to the first layer placed:

  • Gravel
  • Activated Carbon
  • Net
  • Orchid Mix
  • Soil

    Decorative elements:

  • Rock
  • Moss
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • X-wing model
  • Water

The first two terrariums I made were very simple, using one type of moss centered on one of my polymer clay creations:

The first, the TARDIS trapped in a globe is still doing very well. And I like the idea that the moss is growing around the TARDIS. Reminds me of times in the show when the Doctor gets trapped and his TARDIS lays forgotten somewhere. Here are some IG photos:

The second was the Hobbit House: it was made about the same time, a hobbit house that I put in a dome. I don't think it was sealed and the moss dried out a few months after – Around June 2017.

Well, hope you like it! Are you going to make one of your own?

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