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Last year, I joined the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild as an apprentice. We get to learn from the experience of seasoned and multi-awarded doll artists from the group. 

This year, they included me in an emerging artists feature on the quarterly magazine "The International Doll Artists".  
OrangeJar in International Doll Artists Magazine
It does not have a profile written about me, but I promise, that's part of the feature article, with three other artists, and not an ad I took out. ;)

Featured here is my October witch. She is inspired by the Filipino witch, typically portrayed as old ladies living off in the woods by themselves, with their potions and voodoo dolls. Filipinos have our version of voodoo which we call "kulam". According to tales, the witch or "mangkukulam" speaks some incantations and attaches a piece of hair to the doll and she can prick it to cause the victim harm. 

October witch is sitting on her hunches, reminiscent of old people in Asia, who can comfortably sit like that for long periods of time. But instead of the typical, long black (or gray) hair of Filipino witches, I gave her this unruly set of dirty blond, gray hair which I thought was just perfect for her!

Her bead necklaces were made with beads I have picked up through the years. The smaller orange ones were made from the NWPCG class on faux semi-precious stones taught by Maria Brown for one of the Guild's regular programs. 

Subscriptions to the "The International Doll Artists" for either print or digital copy are available on the website.
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