PDMAG Gold Awards 2020

OrangeJar - Gold Awards 2020
This is Cole, Cole the Grindilow. He lives in the Black Lake by Hogwarts. He is happy enough to live a simple, grindilow life, grabbing wizards' legs when they go murking about their waters but he got infected with a bug... a bug to be famous! 

He grabbed a hold of me and demanded to be created in a muggle world. I was powerless to say no and his dark, green form took shape on my table, using that new magical medium called Cosclay. 

No sooner than he was done, this little bugger went off to compete at the annual Professional Doll Makers Art Guild (PDMAG) Gold Awards. Awww but he's sweet, he came back to me carrying the First Place in the Novice Category - isn't he a peach? 

You can watch how I made Cole the Grindilow in my OrangeJar youtube channel.
OrangeJar - Gold Awards 2020
The manananngal is a staple in Philippine folklore. She is an aswang (monster) who lives as a beautiful lady by day and sprouts monstrous bat-like wings, fangs, and fingerlike-talons during a full moon, and flies off in search of prey.

Her upper half is ripped from the lower, entrails bloody and hanging as she flies around. She leaves her lower half in a safe place, because if monster hunters find it, they can pour salt or holy oil to destroy it. When her lower half is destroyed, she cannot merge back and the coming daylight can kill her. 

Her traditional prey, are pregnant women. Back in days when houses had thatched roofs, she would crouch by the rooftop and slip her long, thread-like tongue down a crack to suck the fetus out of a sleeping pregnant woman. Movies and other interpretations have her flying around in search of people walking about and attacks them much like a werewolf would eat it's prey. 

Here, I portrayed her savouring a hearty meal. But after that last hunt, she not only came back with a redlicious heart, she also came back with the Second Place for the Special Awards Categroy - Cosclay at PDMAG's Gold Awards 2020! 

You can watch how I made her wings in my OrangeJar Art youtube channel.
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