Mini Star Wars set

I love custom order especially for tiny things I love. Makes sense right? I did not imagine it would take me more than a week to create all nine characters. Granted I had stuff to do in between, but I really thought this set would go faster. But it's done! And I love them to bits. Funny thing though, I was so excited about this set that I didn't even realize Chewbacca was not on my client's custom order list! He did buy him too in the end.

I found that working on these teeny weapons were quite fun! I tried to add as much details as I could. I usually form everything first and bake it all together so that they are in one piece. The weapons here are more intricate, I was afraid it would droop and become sorry little pieces of polymer clay warped and ruined after it comes out, I started baking them. 

I experimented with Chewbacca's crossbow first. I used wire armature to keep the lines straight then I baked and colored it before attaching it to the unbaked Chewbacca. This way, I was able to wrap his fingers around the weapon and the weapon did not warp from the pressure because it has already been cured. Worked great! I might do this for other itty bitty details in the future.

I love each one to bits! Did I say that already? I almost don't want to see them go. Doesn't help that I love Star Wars. That's the reason why I created the kawaii versions I displayed at ARTE Time Square two Fridays ago. That's what my client saw and that's why he ordered a full set.

Chewy's crossbow in the making
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