Book Cover

Finished last week: book cover design for self-publishing author Josh Hoyt. You can find his writings at The Blog That Helps You Diagnose Your Characters.

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Illustration Friday

Going Away Gift

Another commission done and dusted. Thank you Romela for sending these pictures!

Featured in Illustrado Magazine
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Illustration Friday

My first polymer clay

Recently, we've committed to visiting the healthy number of Sharjah museums. Today, with the pottery class beckoning, we headed over to the Sharjah Archeological museum - the place was roomy and very informative! I love seeing the dioramas about the different burial sites; a very good glimpse into the UAE's past. (As a kid, I […]

IF: Confined

My grandmother, is a strong woman. She has had multiple strokes and yet you can see her strong will to live. I was still young when she had her first stroke, half her body was paralyzed but that did not deter her. She went on to take care of her family, and showed us all […]

Featured in Kwentong Disyerto (Desert Stories)
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